Sioux Chief TankBracket™

NEW Expansion Tank Support Kit - Now In Stock!


Introducing the new TankBracket™ expansion tank support system from Sioux Chief!


Designed to be the strongest, safest support bracket on the market, this new support system can be used with both 2.5 and 5 gallon expansion tanks, and is available for wall mount or for mounting directly to the water heater.


Installation is quick, easy, clean, and well-suited for confined spaces! Head to your local Wiseway to shop in stock today!

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Check out the resilient and adaptable features of the NEW Expansion Tank Support Kit! 👇



  • 18-gauge, galvanized steel is corrosion-resistant and provides safe, secure expansion tank installations
  • Nylon straps (included) keep tanks firmly in place, while the sturdy support base bears the weight of the tank
  • Prevents undue stress on threaded joints and other connections



  • Wall-mount and tank-mount models available
  • Supports large (5-gal.) and small (2-gal.) expansion tanks, with connection nipple at top or bottom
  • Works with any water heater restraints, or seismic/safety straps up to 1.75" wide


Made in the USA

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Sioux Chief


3-Piece Expansion Tank Support Bracket with Arm, Leg, & Foot

Sioux Chief 598-023

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