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PEXa Plumbing Advantages


  • Flexibility - having the freedom to route around obstacles rather than using elbows.
  • Long term durability - standard operating temperatures do not cause MrPEX® to turn brittle, melt, or freeze.
  • Color coded - Red, Blue, and White Pex provided for easy identification.
  • Quiet - PEX greatly reduces water hammering and also reduces Velocity noise.
  • Price - PEX prices are more stable and less susceptible to the market fluctuation as compared to copper. You can quote jobs that are months away without worry of steep price changes.
  • Corrosion free - MrPEX will not corrode over time because it has no ferrous metals to deteriorate.
  • No scaling - PEX is smooth on the inside and does not foster buildup of calcium, minerals, or other impurities.
  • Free of toxins - No solder/flux is used for joining PEX pipes, therefore exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals is greatly reduced.
  • Fast install time - joints take seconds rather than minutes to connect.


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Cost Savings

MrPEX® Plumbing systems are easier to install and cost less than a copper system. Due to its flexibility, routing pex pipes trough the structure is much more efficient, thus saving labor. Not only is the material less expensive, it also requires fewer fittings which further reduces cost.

Watch MrPEX perform under an expansion test!

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